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Scalable Blockchain Integration

Achieve scalability, security, and interoperability in our modular blockchain network for high concurrency big data processing.

Sovereignty and Autonomy

Own your data with our KYC and decentralized identity protocol, ensuring privacy and equal rights in Meta Earth.

Economic Empowerment

Digital citizens receive an unconditional basic income (UBI), with daily earnings and monthly treasury dividends provided in the form of MEC, and a potential maximum APY of 145%.

Green Economy

Support low-carbon activities and participate in the green digital economy through Meta Earth's blockchain technology.

Core Solutions

Building a more efficient blockchain multi-chain fusion network with a new technological paradigm

The Modular Future

Modular blockchain as the new generation infrastructure breaks the constraints of traditional monolithic chain architecture. By deeply coordinating and orderly processing transaction data through a three-layer network, it leads us into a future that is more secure, infinitely scalable, and decentralized across the entire chain!
Execution Layer
Settlement Layer
Data Availability
& Consensus Layer
Data Availability
& Consensus Layer

Unique Economic Model

Shared, Fair, and Collaborative Governance

Unconditional Basic Income

Each ME ID holder receives 1 permanently staked MEC, thereby earning daily staking profits from this MEC and monthly dividends from the Meta Earth treasury.

Enjoy Self-Sovereignty

Every digital citizen possesses Self-Sovereignty, with their personal data and assets protected by encryption technology (zero-knowledge proof). Without individual authorization, data and assets cannot be misappropriated.

Global Zone Nodes

Nodes are strictly divided according to real-world national regions, with over 200 zone nodes on the chain. The number of ME IDs in each zone node corresponds to the population ratio of the actual country, ensuring that each digital citizen matches their real-world identity, adhering to the 'one person, one ID' co-governance philosophy.


Meta Earth will steadily progress according to the planned blueprint, gradually building an ecosystem full of innovation and interaction.

Startup Funding

Meta Earth has garnered favor from numerous investors, and with substantial startup funding, it represents our first step towards realizing our vision.

Ride the wave of modular transformation with Meta Earth.